RuGu-[A Complete Loss Of Sensation]

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Released by:
Averge Noise Netlabel
Release date:
30 July 2014

-Summer Kicks in With a Dark Deep Dubstep Single Release From

"Ru-Gu"-Prophet’s Path"

The Release is a mixture of Grime Side-chained Heavy Swingy Bass lines,Delayed Congas And Rhythmic Tom Patterns Contrasted With Some Classic Dub Air Horns.

This Single Release Picks Up where “Ofbittt-Daylight Remixes” left us with His post-Dubstepish influences, And then it takes us on a Journey back to the roots so we learn Our Genre “Abc”.
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Released by:
Averge Noise Netlabel
Release date:
21 June 2014

We Are Happy to Finally Get Back on the Track After A Long Break due to Some personal circumstances.After "Nils Nordmann’s Elektroakustische Studien",A Glitchy unique and Uplifitng Masterpiece,We take the road Back With Ofbitt’ s “Daylight Remixes Ep” .

The Songs Offers a New Sonic Textures And a set of New Frequencies ,The Album spontaneously starts with a glitchy Atmospheric intro on Efterklang ‘s “Told to be fine then it takes off to a new Territory.Re-Framing The Original Songs And putting them in a new “Entourage”. Weather it’s  the Efterklang Remix Sax solo ,The Noose of Jah city’s “aphex Twinish”,Idm type of leads,Moby’s rework with the traditional Eastern percussive influence to Finnish up with Some Deep Sub basslines On “Novo Amor-From Gold”,While Offering on the Run a  Total Dark deep And Mellow Re-imagining of a pop hit which is “lorde’s Royals”.

Ofbitt Describes this “Ep” As a sound Palette study,Despite The Rich,Diverse Influences,instruments and Vibes.The Album Keeps An overall Aesthetic of Nostalgia,Lo-fi Bed Room Production,Non Structured Textures And Soundscapes preferences due to “Ofbitt“‘s Previous Work in this field with various monikers Such as

"Killed By a word","A Textura from Her Heaven","TheCameraObscurea".

Released by: 
Average Noise 
Release/catalogue number: 
Release date: 
11 February 2014

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“Elektroakustisch” means that the music on this album is produced with 
and without electronic devices. The title does not imply a genre or habitus. 
“Studie” stands for an experimental, process-orientated method. I do not 
consider these “Studien” as complete songs or tracks. 
“Elektroakustische Studien” is no promise. It is a desrciption a priori. 
No genres. No limitations. Just me. 
Instruments used: 
Bass Guitar, Cello, Drums, Flute, Grand Piano, Melodica, 
Phone Connector, Ping Pong Ball, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Tuba, 
Vibraphone, Xylophone 
Software used: 
Ableton Live, Max/MSP

Released by: AVerage Noise 
Release/catalogue number:AN#1 
Release date: Nov 15, 2012 

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